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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday Treasure Chests!

So here we go again!  This time for the twins birthdays!!

Sanded treasure chests from the store

2 coats of stain on both chests and then polyurethaned

The inside all nice and stained and poly'ed

Fabric ironed/cut/and glued in

Chest 1

Chest 2

With the coinage for the treasure chests!

Pennies, nickels, dollars, half dollars and their collectible quarters!

Glad to know they were a hit!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The New MInt Garden

So I've wanted to do something for awhile, and my first thought was to start pulling up the rocks that the previous owner left on the short side of the house to make a walking labyrinth.  But I would have to pull them all out so that I could pick and choose to decide what I wanted.  Then I got the great idea of putting in a mint garden where the rocks were.  So I thought I would start that first.  I thought it would take me about a weekend to get things ready - obviously I was mistaken.  :-)

First I started to rake and sweep all the leaves from the rocks - get those in the bins.  Then I had noticed some nice plants by the house - I trimmed all dead matter from it and gently took any debris from around them.  I got on my hands and knees and scooped all the leaves and such from between the house and the tree, and then scooped out from under the porch as well.  Then I started moving the rocks to a pile nearby.

First hurdle - some of the rocks that are about fist size are too firm in the earth to grab with my hands

Yes the photo is horrid - I didn't realize I had it on the wrong setting until after I had moved these rocks.

Turns out after getting out my trusty shovel this is what those fist sized rocks really were.  

I'm calling them icebergs rocks - some were easily 30-40 pounds each.  So I spent time each day digging out rocks.  Until I found some dirt.  Ahhh.  I started trying to dig up the dirt - ahem, I found more rocks. 

Once the rocks were found and moved  - yea that's about 7 feet long; about 3 feet high and spreads over 3-4 feet - what was I thinking? 

I started to dig - excited that the rocks were gone.  Yea, I was excited too soon.  Instead of rocks, this time, I hit root masses.  Roots of old ivy and crabgrass between 2-5 inches thick over the entire area.  More digging - a lot more digging and the roots filled 4 metal trash cans, AFTER I pounded off the dirt.  Finally I hit dirt.

Then I began to trim back the overhanging and dead branches from the two trees.  I wasn't happy climbing the ladder and using the clippers but I got most of it done.

Hubby suggested that I sand and repaint the house before planting, but, um  no  :-)

After getting the branches up, I laid several bag of dirt mixed with bat guano, compost and other good things over the tree roots, and began mapping out in my head what I wanted.  Then I tilled, and picked out ivy/crabgrass roots, and tilled again and more roots.  Another till and a couple of rakes and the garden could begin.

First a path - we grabbed a great set of stones we found, and then after playing with them decided to completely redo my first plan, so back to the store for more stones - luckily they were 15% off!

Now the kitchen porch and the back stoop connect.  Next plants went in.  The back row is now 5 kinds of mint - Spearmint, Mojito Mint, Chocolate Mint, Peppermint and Apple Mint.  My goal is to let them spread a bit and harvest them to dry for teas.

The next row are catnip plants with catnip seeds between them - hopefully many will come up - the cats are already loving it.

3rd row is Chamomile with Chamomile seeds in front of them and at the outer edge to make a nice blanket of it.

I put my planting boxes of strawberries in temporarily for their better growing.

Around the trees I added the groundcover Veronica - I'm hoping that it will cover that area.

I also added my dad's Irish setter lawn ornament as well as my mom's stone bunnies.

Finally I think it may be done!!!

That's one project!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - mostly

So for the past week:

Newspaper and shredded paper firebricks

Liners for the china cabinet shelves so they'll stop rattling

2 big loads of laundry detergent

Juiced some apples - this pot was full when I started

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Am I at the back of the pack?

I feel behind.  Even when I wake up I'm behind.  It's not like I feel I have minutes left and I need to cram everything in.  It's more like I've been asleep, or in limbo, for the past 3-4 years.  Everything in my life has been on hold and now, now I feel as if I have to catch up.  I have to do and create and explode out of the blocks.  And at the same time I have to keep up with the everyday - I have to go to the grocery, clean the house, do the laundry, weed the garden, can the veggies and pay the bills.

And this year, this year, I want to be mine.  And my first thought at that is that I'm being selfish, but maybe I'm not.  I have to reach for my dreams, my goals, everything that I want out of life, I need to go for, to grasp and to have.

My joke is always that I need minions - gorgeous, hard working, reading my mind, speaking my language  minions.  But that's not going to happen is it?    I've learned that since we've moved to where we are - minions are not going to happen.  Time after time I interview and research a company and it works great, until they send the actual workers out, most of which speak only minimal English and have a massive case of male chauvinism.  Time after time I tell them to complete the job that they were hired to do and they blow me off; my husband comes in and tells them the same thing and then they do it - aaarrrghh!  Screw that - I'll do my own instead.  I'm taking back my home, my land and my life.

I feel as though in the past few years I've been a sponge - not a cute one that you buy from a cute, overpriced store, (do folks even use sponges anymore? I know I haven't in decades) or an underwater creature. No I've been the kind of sponge that is nasty and full of gunk, and probably smells gross and has been used and abused to death.  The kind that when you pick it up, you scrunch up your nose and head for the garbage - that kind of sponge.   I've smiled and nodded and taken it all in, and yet when I give my opinion or express my thoughts, I'm yelled at and screamed at and get flamed by bigots and racists and close-minded folks that I'm amazed made it out of kindergarten.  Where is the girl I use to be - that didn't give a sh*t what you thought? that stuck to her ideals and her beliefs and gave you a researched, irrefutable argument on your weak comeback?  She's been run over and has left you to hang yourself.  And I don't like that.  I hate it when I bend over backwards for folks and they can't manage to remember my birthday - not a card, an email or heaven forbid a present.  When I send out gifts and can't even get a thank you, and yet I continue - why? masochist?  or just the fact that I was instilled with Southern proper values.

So this year, this year is mine.  This year I want it all - I want to be fit, healthy, my perfect weight and dare I say it, "hot" - by my definition that is.  I want my house redone to what I want, which means a lot of work for me, my yards and gardens to my dreams.  I want to achieve it all - I want to be a successful  published author in multi-genres, my photography to go places, my home beauty to go places .  I want an orchard, a huge garden, chickens, sheep and more.  I want my self-absorbed neighbors to go away.  I want companies to work with me and not ignore me; I want people to see me, not see through me; I want folks I like and love to respect me and listen to me before judging me.  And this year - this year - will BE MINE!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthdays and more

Lydia Lavenia Buckner Bell - Born October 11, 1927
Photo - Spring 1942

Today would have been mom's 84th birthday.  

So tonight, as the full moon shines bright, Momma may Nanny and Granny Kate make you your favorite biscuits, may Cora make you the ultimate pound cake, may Ms. Ozzie grace you with her perfect fried chicken, may Daddy shower you in your favorite yellow roses and dance the night away.

Love and Miss you